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weight loss

Weight loss

Your medically monitored weight loss will include an evaluation of your medical history, current medications, current health, past weight loss programs, and your input on your specific weight loss problem.


hormone therapy

Hormone therapy can be confusing but the right hormone balance can renew your life. Our Hormone replacement programs for men and women can not only help you lose weight but regain your energy, your focus and your positive outlook.



Everyone wants to retain their youthful looks, enthusiasm and wellbeing. In our stressful world that is often a challenge. If you want to explore options for better health our anti-aging options may be an answer.


Strawberry Inch loss laser

The Strawberry laser shoots cold red laser light beams straight to the fat cells in the treated area. You can lose inches that weight loss alone didn’t touch.  This treatment is painless and affordable.

About Get Slim

At Get Slim we are not just about diet pills. We want to help with every aspect of weight loss. No one technique for how to lose weight is right for everyone.

No matter what you need to overcome:

  • Fatigue
  • Sugar Craving
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Hunger
  • Just discouraged!

We have a personalized method for you that works.

From Phentermine to Semaglutide, we can provide the best program that lets you get rid of those extra pounds.

Our programs help you solve your diet challenges with a variety of options including weight loss pills like PhentermineB12 shots, Supplements, Myoslim injections, and other prescription medications to enhance energy and health.

But that is not all–we also offer hormone renewal, for men and for women. We evaluate and treat Testosterone (Low T) in men and hormone imbalance in women.

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I started on their program a little over a month ago and I’ve lost 21lbs. Their program is very easy to get started with and the results start to show fast. Each person has different needs and the staff really engages in working with your lifestyle variables to maximize your results.

I can’t wait for next month!

– Joe M.


Best weight loss clinic around! Great staff who really cares about their patients!

– Oreola W.


Love this place! I lost 25lbs in a month with going to the gym n eating right.

– Jennifer J.


Get Slim is great! With their help I’ve lost 55 pounds from July til October, Thanks Get Slim

– T.P.


I love to cook so losing weight was a problem because I was always hungry when I cooked for my family.Get slim helped me to succeed in losing over 50 pounds and keeping it off.

– Dottie K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow a specific diet or eat special foods?

No one diet is right for everyone so Get Slim can help you to pick the correct diet for your lifestyle. (We do not sell prepackaged food)

What if I just have a few pounds to lose?

Get Slim can help whether your weight loss goal is 10 pounds or 100 pounds. Sometimes the last 10 pounds is the hardest.

Do I have to buy a package?

No – Get Slim can help you as much or as little as you need. Many patients are successful with weight loss medication alone.

How do I know if I can take diet pills safely?

An evaluation of your medical history, current medications and your health history are a part of our visit. The reality is that most people can benefit from one of many options.

Do you have a limit on how long I can take phentermine?

There is no specific time limit and many patients choose to continue on a lowered maintenance dose after achieving their weight goal.

weight loss